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Those are the times I dream to be a different someone, to try new things & to lead a whole new life.
Perhaps it's the anticipation, excitement and imagination, of hoping and leading a life you really and truly want, that propels you to take a step into the unknown world of your fantasy...
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It doesn’t cost a damn thing. 

Sprinkle that shit everywhere.

We often care too much and so we fall too hard.
Maybe the only time we’ll stop is when we detach ourselves from the world.

First choice? What a joke.

Never was one, never will be. 

Responsibility and accountability? Yeah, right. 

Thanks for that notice, I freaking appreciate it. 

I don’t understand why there are so much friggin’ politics in school. All I really wanted was to honestly just have a great time of my uni life, do well in my studies, be involved in events, step out of my comfort zone, try out things that I am genuinely interested in and also put my abilities to the test and prove that I can be much more than I think I am. Is that too much to ask for? Why is life so hard? 

I thought I wouldn’t be disappointed cos I was “mentally prepared”. I know that team he spoke of, I know who are the “better suited and more relevant experience” people he mentioned. But NO. My heart sort of sank a little when they walked past. And it gets worse cos DX was with them, that means that the previous top 3 should have knew about their plans as well. Haha… guess the joke’s on me huh? I guess this is too hard a hit to get over in a short time… 

But you know what? I don’t need you guys. I don’t need that fucking position. You guys can have it. Go ahead, because I am still proud that I have better morals and responsibility and accountability than you all and I know, for sure, at least I won’t leave people hanging. So FUCK IT. I don’t want to care anymore; I am not gonna fight for that position or go against you three. Not because I am not courageous enough or because I will lose to you guys, but just cos I have better things to do than spoil the friendship (although frankly speaking, I’m probably never going to see you guys in the same light again) and also cos I am fucking sick of all the stupid politics involved. Oh, and whether I want to work under you guys depends on my decision and not your stupid offer because I am not desperate for it. I have a choice. 

So yeah, good luck. I hope you guys will enjoy the process. (I mean it, I hope you guys will get it, as you all probably will.) 

你, 我, 他。人际关系还真复杂… 知己难找呀。



*gets homework out of bag* i think that’s enough homework for one day

Yep totally sums up this week manz. Week 5 is so not cool. 

Should I go for it? It definitely won’t be easy… But it’ll definitely be a good test of my abilities and a rewarding experience in the end. I probably shouldn’t let my reservations and self-doubts hold me back, …right? 

But then again, it’s worrying and unsettling… What about school and grades? I know people always say these are not as important but… and I am not someone who is hung up on the paper chase too… Still, 6 mods/ 18 AUs is proving to be a bitch to handle and we are in a country where grades are seen as darn hell important (which I seriously dislike).

I guess I really could use some support and affirmations right now. 

Year 2 Sem 1 Week 3

I don’t know if it’s something that I expected when I stare at my timetable for this sem. The ultra packed days, back-to-back lessons, limited breaks, level 3000 mods… Year 2 is so different from Year 1. The piles of readings that I thought I’ve (sort of) gotten used to, the weekly presentations and class part requirements… It’s stressful and I dread them a little. I guess I need to prep myself more for the 11 more weeks to come. It’s gonna be a hell of a semester, but I know I can survive it. I want to push myself and excel.

FOC and OEP. Still thinking what positions I should take up if I really did go for it. Was actually contemplating if I should even go for it in the first place—then I saw a quote “Why Wait”, saw some photos of the lovely kids in Myanmar that I am missing loads now and remembered the reason why I dropped the opportunity to double major (besides not taking the risk of screwing up my GPA)—to be more actively involved in HSS and its adhocs. Yep, why wait? It will an experience in every sense, better busy than nothing right? I need to step out more, learn and grow from the experience. That is what I want, deep down.

Oh well, back to my readings. 2 more to be done by tonight for Gender tomorrow and 1 presentation for SEA-China on Wed before I can say the hectic-ness of the week is over. 9:30am seminar, please be good… 

~25/8/2014 / Mon / 8:45PM

Edit: (26/8)

Late for seminar today cos there was no friggin bus and it doesn’t stop even if there is cos it damn bloody packed. Wtf is SBS doing with regards to the frequency of 179 after 9am? Esp this timing when everyone seems to be going to school and packing up the bus from Boon Lay and Pioneer. Gosh. I really need to start leaving my house at 8:45am. ;_;

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Flying Penguins (by Jiro316)


justin hofman photographs a southern right whale and her calf in the protected warm breeding and birthing waters off argentina’s peninsula valdez.

"i had the opportunity to dive with a few whales and it changed me forever," hofman said. "being in the water with a whale is the most humbling experience i’ve ever had underwater."

the whales are powerful, and hofman, weary of the mother becoming defensive around her calf, kept his distance. but as time went on, the whales, who are actually quite gentle and inquisitive, eventually approached him.

hofman notes that despite what many have assumed, the first image is a single photo and not a composite of two.

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